Cutting Edge Technology

If you've been following some of the latest developments in the technology space, there's a lot of new development going on.

Today I listened to a podcast:

Some of the topics to follow are:

Deep Learning
predict stock market
crack the gambling mystery
understand DNA
visual recognition
speech translation
self driving cars

Wearable Tech
monitor blood pressure
track running patterns

home robots
workforce robots

Hybrid Cyborgs
implants into humans
self sustaining energy sources

Molecular Nanotechnology
manipulation of the small (atoms)

3-D Printers
print on demand

Internet of Things (Everything)
connected radio frequency sensors

Energy Sources
longer lasting batteries

Electronic Currency
pay by cell phones

Virtual (Augmented) Reality
hologram applications
inner worlds connected to external reality
upload your consciousness to virtual reality

What is Transhumanism?

Artificial Intelligence
Narrow AI
Strong AI

Human Longevity
Will you live for 600 years
Will you have the same spouse for 500 years?

Sex with Robots

Will Robots take your job?  What will the mass population do if unemployed?

With Internet of Things, how will humans adapt to being monitored wherever they go?

With Cyber Currency, will bartering go to the wayside?

With Cyborg Humanoids co-existing with Humans, will humanity still be able to provide value?

With increase in Nanotechnology, will you be able to place an order for a child from a website?

Will Robots interbreed with Humans?  What happens if you unplug a robot, does it still have consciousness?

Will you be able to upload your consciousness to Virtual Reality?

Can humans compete with super intelligent computers?

Will Robots used to control society?

Can Robots get married?  Will Robots have funerals?  What if a Robot kills a human?

Many things to consider in this realm.  What are you doing to stay current with the rapid changes of technology?

Do you say our future as Utopian or Dystopia?