When the Robots do Rise

Will the computers rise on planet Earth to form a new race of robots.

Well, maybe.  There's a good chance that robots will become part of our culture at some point.

And when they do, are they going to be equal to humans?  Or servants?  Or will they squash us out of existence?

It could go either way.  If you look to the future, through the lens of the movies, I'd like our robots to be like those of Star Wars.  Have a watch: http://youtu.be/OlpOaaM0wV0

I think robots should work along side humans.  They are in fact better at many things.  Perhaps stronger physically, they probably don't require sleep, they can do math computations as good as any computer, better in fact, if they have built in neural networks, they don't take smoke breaks, as seen in the video above, and they don't require vacation or health care.

So why shouldn't they be part of society?  Should they be entitled to vote?  What if they die, is there a funeral?  What if they commit a crime, or kill someone?  What if your robot gets stolen or abducted?  Can they reproduce?  If so, are they responsible for the care of their youth until they graduate from High School?  Can they be bought and sold?  Do they have birth certificates?  Can you use the left over pieces of a dead robot to form or repair another robot?  How often are they serviced?  Do they require reboots every day, month, year?  Are they connected to other robots like the Borg of Star Trek?  Can they get married?  Divorced?  Do they have gender?  Race?  Ethnicity?  Is there age based on human years?  Can they be upgraded if they are obsolete?  Can you euthanize a robot?  Do robots get paid for services rendered?  Do robots have different class levels?  Will robots have mid life crisis?

These are all considerations that must be addressed, sooner rather than later.

Now what if they robots are not so nice.  What if they become like robocop where they become the police force?  What if they are designed for military purpose?  Or used to keep humans in line?  What if the computers rise above humans and decide to eliminate the bipedal homo sapien race?  Bad, very bad idea.  Possible though.  If we aren't careful.

Every day we get closer to the reality of robotics and artificial intelligence.  I do believe robots will be created, they will be integrated into our society, and it's up to us, now, to determine their role and purpose and rights and responsibilities.

It would be a terrible shame if we go through the effort to create these beings, and they in turn, wipe us off the planet.  Wouldn't you agree?