Technology is a Good Thing

So what's on the agenda for 2015?

Perhaps it's the year we inch closer to true artificial intelligence.  Machines that are self aware.

Perhaps we get more acquainted with nanotechnology  Wouldn't it be nice to produce any physical object by assembling the correct atoms in formation?

Perhaps we identify intelligent life in the Universe?  We'll have to tidy the place up a bit if we are expecting visitors.

Perhaps our robotics technology becomes more advanced.  Robots to perform tasks, more personalized assistants, automated cars and planes and buses.

Perhaps we develop flying cars, soar above the highways, like George Jetson!

We've already got 3D printing, even sent a wrench into space.

We have wearable devices.

And new Virtual Realities.

And sensors transmitting tons of data via frequency radio waves called the Internet of Things.  Going to spawn super mega data.

I believe there are two basic camps when it comes to the future.

Those who are pessimists, who see technology being used for personal gain.  Such as more control, surveillance, hoarding resources, throwing the average worker into the garbage with automation.

And those who see technology being used for good.  To allow more free time to do the things that are fun, for simplifying and streamlining boring processes, for uniting mankind and raising our awareness to a higher level.

And I suppose there are those who believe a bit of both.  To be honest, it's very difficult to predict the future, especially those things that haven't happened yet.

Personally, technology is a good thing.  Can be used for good or evil.  The choice is ours~!