My Intro to the Internet of Things

I don't know much about the internet of things.  Supposedly, tiny mini sensors will reside embedded in just about every possible device.

The sensor will emit, through micro radio frequency, back it's source, via the internet, using the v6 protocol, as we're bound to run out of valid IP Address'.

This will increase the volume of data incomprehensibly.  So they need to find better ways to store all this stuff.  So it can be accessed and harnessed.

That way, they can keep track of what's happening, what already happened, and what's going to happen.  A pulse of the system, every system, every second of the day.

I definitely see the upside, to be used in shipping, appliances, healthcare, traffic flow, etc.  We can surely benefit from monitoring all the systems in real time.  Providing they find a common framework to get this up and running, sooner than later.

What are the downsides, well, if they decide every person, plant and thing must have sensors, that could possible be an infringement of personal space and violation of our freedom.  Other than that, seems okay.

I'm not exactly sure who's working on this technology at the moment, other than the big company's with capitol to do research and development.  I wouldn't know where to begin to download some trial version and hook a sensor up to my three dogs, to track when they need potty break.

But I do think this technology will blossom over the years.  What I like about it is that it's primary use is not to generate sales or increase leads like Business Intelligence.  I think its more about control of the system into a centralized command center.  I see it run by the big company's, accessed by the govt to keep tabs, you know, for security sake.  Question is, who are the suspects.

I'd like to learn more about this new technology.  Seems like the future.