My Ideal Profession #AI or Think Tank

What do I do for a living.  I type onto this keyboard thing.  Create programs.  Solve problems.  Provide value.

I do that working as a consultant.  Because many organizations have a need to view their data in a variety of ways.

My real passion is to work on advance topics, such as Artificial Intelligence.  I like that topic as it consists of many subtopics.  And the fact that it's profound problem, one that has existed for over half a century.  And some of the greatest minds have worked on solving it.

I had a chance to watch some video's from an MIT professor, about 6 or 7 months ago.  I got about half way through, and then my full time job took more effort and I lacked the free time to explore further.

The other thing I've always wanted to do was to work in a 'think tank'.  Being around bright minds, having the freedom to roam different ideas, find solutions using unorthodox means, being challenged intellectually.

Don't get me wrong, I'm challenged on my daily job every single day.  But the challenge is more to meet deadlines, complete tasks in specified time, produce a working product, meet with clients, etc.

I think that solving real life problems, using any means available, for the greater good seems like a fun thing to do.  And having fun is the key to creativity.  Having a curious, playful mind, is a great asset and it would be great if there were more opportunities to explore different avenues where original thinking were an asset, not a liability.  The business world prefers cookie cutter mentality.

So to summarize, computer programming allows as much creative thinking possible, to earn a descent living.  However, it I had my choice, I'd greatly like to work in a 'think tank' setting, where originality, creativity, problem solving were the core functions.  And my main topic of interest is that of Artificial Intelligence, a very challenging topic, which deserves the attention of critical thinkers who can also switch over to free flowing creativity.

And that's what I think~!