Basic .net Functionality Hasn't Changed Much

I've been working on my latest project.  Learning Service Broker.  So I inherited some documents which had all the commands scattered, which I was able to consolidate into 2 working scripts.

So now I'm able to send commands from a local SQL Server 2012 database, to another instance of SQL Server 2012, via Service Broker.  However, this is running locally on my laptop, so there are no ports to select, as Service Broker can only have one defined Endpoint.

Once I get the remote stand alone instances on VMs, I'll be able to configure each server to use it's own Endpoint and the scripts will need to be modified slightly.

From there, I'll need to configure all 3 VM SQL Servers to talk to each other, which equals 6 scripts in total.

And then there's a .net application written in c#.  Its job is to create random data for load testing purposes.  This morning, I ran the application, it ran successfully with no errors, except I don't have any data locally, so I can't see the results.

However, it's good to know that I can sit down, open a .net application, run it, see what's occurring, step through the code and troubleshoot if need be.  Reason being, I'm not really a .net programmer full time.  Press F11 to  step through code, F9 to place breakpoint, F5 to run till next breakpoint.  There's references, calls to the database via Connection Strings, etc.  These functions havn't changed much since the early 2000s.

It's 9:42am in Germany right now, looking at my laptop time, its 3:42am.  Think I'll head downstairs to the market to get some coffee.