Next Project in the Queue

Service Broker for SQL Server.

I saw a demo recently at the SQL BI User group.

Now I get to work with the technology on my job.  Got a new project assigned this evening.  It involves taking a proof of concept and getting it to work in Production.  Also add a new endpoint.

It's basically a queue / messaging system built into all version of SQL Server, including Azure.

You send a message to one or more endpoints, by establishing a conversation, the message conforms to specific formats, after the conversation ends, it shuts down. 

And you can send multiple messages, in any order, and the receiving machine treats the entire batch as a transaction, which can roll back.

If the receiving machine goes away, the messages stack up in the sending machine.

That's the basics anyway.  I'm excited to have a project to bill hours against and we need to do a good job on this because we now own the process.  Which means I'll have work to do while in Germany the next two weeks.

And I get to work with people from other countries, like Germany and Australia.

Should be fun~!