Speaker at IT Pro Camp Tampa

This morning I presented at the Tampa IT Pro Camp .  Topic of conversation was - Intro to Business Intelligence.  Started at 9am.  The room was small to mid size.  Just about ever seat was full.

I thought it went well, one of my best presentations.  However, I did not use a Power Point deck.  I simply had a Word doc with the outline of topics of conversation. With each bullet point, expanded upon real life scenarios.

Also, the other interesting thing is I had absolutely no demos.  I've been bitten by the demo bug, while giving a presentation on Power BI at USF for SQL Saturday.  The Internet kept going out, which my demo was 100% dependent upon, and it was quite not so good.

This time, people asked questions along the way.  And of course I threw some jokes in as well.

It was a good crowd and I felt like it was more of a conversation than a speech, people seemed to be engaged.

I also co-presented Intro to SSIS with Jose Chinchilla at the 10am session.

And finally, I spoke with some of the other speakers, had a few donuts and coffee and thought the event was well run.  One of the event organizers asked if I'd like to present next year at the Sarasota IT Pro Camp.  Sure, sounds great.

See you then~!