My Intro to PowerShell

I grew up on DOS back in the mid 1980's, PC-Dos, not MS-Dos.

So I've heard of the language called Power Shell, but never got around to learning.

So at the SQL Saturday over the weekend in Tampa, #326, I bumped into Max Trinidad, a Microsoft MVP for Power Shell.

We spoke about the power and awesomeness about Power Shell and I attended his session.  He showed how to incorporate Power Shell into SSIS using the Execute Script component.  Said you can administer services in Microsoft Azure, create exe files as well as Debug scripts.  You can also write Power Shell scripts within Visual Studio using a plug-in.

So today, I watched an Intro to Power Shell video on YouTube.

And I found a TechNet article on "Overview of Cmdlets Available in Windows PowerShell".

I knew you could perform database backups, move files and create scripts., but I did not realize that the entire set of commands runs on the dot net framework.  So that means that anything you can do in c# or VB, you can do in Power Shell.

I also watched this video "Basics of Power Shell"

And "Learn Power Shell in a Month of Lunches"

It seems to be that it's all about learning how to use the "Help".

It's funny that we started at the command line, went to windows, and now back to command line.  Full circle!

New stuff.  Lots to learn.  This well is deep, but powerful.

At least we're off and running~!