View of Microsoft Azure Offerings

Over the Labor Day Weekend, I signed up for a 30 day trial for Microsoft Azure.

And I created some cool stuff, like a Web Site, an HDInsight Hadoop Cluster, a SQL Database as well as a Machine Learning (ML) Project.

And I can't tell you how impressive this suite of offerings are.  Just terrific.

So I wanted to show the complete set of Offering.

Starting with Computer:

Data Services:

App Services (1 of 2):

App Services (2 of 2):

Network Services:

And finally Add-On's:

The extent of offerings is overwhelming.  The single sign-on.  The ability to procure each service within a few minutes are all great features. But my personal best feature is how they linked all the services into an integrated whole for a complete cohesive plethora of solutions surpasses everything I've seen on the market today.

In a class of their own.

And what's coming down the pike, here's an article I saw on twitter today 'Cosmo'... Have a read!


Not to mention the entire Office365 and PowerBI offerings.  Just tremendous~!

And my links from this weekend: