My First Microsoft Azure Website Deployment

I've been getting familiar with Microsoft Azure.

Yesterday, I created a Microsoft Azure account.  Today I decided to create a web application.  So first thing was to create a new website:

Next I did a quick search to download a pre-built c# web asp.net application:


After downloading, I unzipped:

Downloaded and Installed Visual Studio 2013:

Installing Visual Studio 2013 took about 1/2 hour to install, required reboot.  Finally, it prompts you to log in:
Opened project, it loaded instantly:

Ran the project locally, it spawned an Internet Explorer instance:

Stopped the app, then clicked on the Project --> Publish...

Clicked on the Microsoft Azure Websites link...

After clicking on Sign-In, it then re-validates your connection to Microsoft Azure by sending a code via text or email, once you enter the correct code, I selected my website for deployment:

Click Ok, next window pops up...

Next page...


And finally Publish...

When it ran, guess what, it threw an error:

So I added the line entry to the Web.Config --> 

Refreshed the page, now getting a detailed error:

And now for some debugging...

In this case, it appears the application is calling a local database:

However, this exercise was basically a proof of concept.  I'd like to get it working 100%, however, the steps I've outlined above should give you an indication of how to work with Microsoft Azure for Web hosting.

To see what the website looks like locally, here's a screenshot:

and click Log In... and we're logged in...

I hope this example helps you to see how easy Microsoft Azure is in setting up websites, aside from my not having the database loaded in the cloud.  For some background, I was a .net and Java developer for many years before doing Business Intelligence full time.

Thanks for reading!