Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure

Reporting started out very basic.  Connect to a data source, place some fields on the screen layout, add some groups, header / footer, perhaps a few Sums, run it and you have a working report.

Great, you could send those report to people in Excel or PDF via Email.

Next, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing allowed developer to pull a variety of data sources, consolidate into a model, either Star or Snowflake schema, load into a Cube, write some reports and allow users to consume.

Great.  Except these scenarios require an end user to interpret the data.

So what's next?  Data Science.  Machine Learning.  And if you want to get started with Microsoft Machine Learning, check out this great video:


It will blow your mind.  Because it's web based, looks easy to use and can be ported to production quickly.

This is definitely cool.