Great Project

I am working on the best project ever.

Typically I have not had much luck working for a mom and pop company.  However, this place is different.  People working together.  Dynamic environment.  Support.

And the technology I'm working on is really cool.  Building a data warehouse, plus reports, moving them to SharePoint.

Today marked the 2nd complete week of the project.  Data Warehouse was ready a week ago, reports have been ready for a few days.  Now just working on tweaks here and there and validating the data.  Hoping to have the first 7 reports and 5 dashboards signed off by Thursday or Friday the latest.

Then begins the second batch of reports.  Been some really long days and weekend work, but this has been my favorite project since probably ever.  And I've worked on a few projects over the years.

The reason people work hard is because they are appreciated and supported.  And that's why I've tried so hard on this project, because it's a team effort and feel like it's making a difference.