Build a Winning Culture

Culture.  Every corporation has one.  Yet you can't see it.  You can only feel it.

I've worked for a variety of companies.  Some big, some small.  I've worked on team where we just got along, everyone was excited about the projects, we collaborated, joked, went to lunch together and had fun while we worked.

I've worked at some companies where everyone was against each other, knowledge was kept secret, people never helped each other, stabbing in the back, politics, silos of people working on the same team.

And there have been cultures in middle.

Who sets the culture?  Well, I think it trickles down from above.  If the CEO is a jerk, chances are the atmosphere will be a struggle.  If the CEO is cutting edge forward thinking, chances are the environment will be easy going.

I believe that you want a culture that promotes creativity, problem solving, suggest ideas, where people give 110% because everyone else is also.  Which means you cannot micromanage, you can not run the people into the ground, you can not promote every man for themselves.

We've all seen the reality shows where everyone is on the same team working against each other for their own survival.  That's not how it should be.  It drains people and the quality of work suffers.

If people are constantly in fear of losing their jobs, the quality suffers.  Which trickles down to the customers, who experience bad service, shabby products and will tend to move on.

You can measure all the numbers in the world for insight, but if you want to pick up sales, drive great products which people want to purchase and retain customers, you'd best work on creating a friendly work environment.

I believe this is often overlooked as many companies are so focused on profit and stock price and mergers and layoffs, we need to get back to the root of the problem, happy workers.  A happy worker will pay dividends over time.

It doesn't take a Data Scientist to figure this out.  It takes common sense.