Bite Sized Tidbits of Information

Our attention time has gone down.  Things move so fast today that we can't afford to invest much time in most activities.

Sitting down for two hours to watch a movie has become too much for me.  It's an investment in time.  You have to dedicate time to concentrate and become emotionally into the movie.  So the movie better be good.  I have no problem shutting a movie 20 minutes in, as movies are watched on DVD or VCR at the house.

YouTube video's are great, about 5 to 15 minutes in run time.  Good content, you get to pick and choose and if you're logged in, it remembers your viewing patterns.  I like the horoscopes the best.

And social media, in order to properly scan, I allow about 2 to 3 seconds per twitter post, about 5 seconds on LinkedIn and perhaps 10 seconds on Facebook, to see if the article is worth investigating.

That's why as a blogger, long winded drawn out blogs are frowned upon, unless it technically explains a problem, solution or new stuff.

You have to be the Readers Digest of modern media, the USA Today of grab the attention, shock and awe and on to the next.  Nobody's got time to invest anymore, including me.

Keep it short and simple.  Bite sized tidbits of information.  Easily digestible.  Fun size.