We've entered the Information Revolution

In order to become the Alpha, you must be smarter or stronger than your pack.  Looking back at history, Males tend to have dominated because they were stronger.  And that has produced an aggressive society based on competition, war and survival of the fittest.

The second way to rise to the top is based on knowledge.  Those who know, are the ones who lead.  Those who have access to the information make the rules.  Now there are two types of knowledge.

First there are facts.  How many inches in a yard.  How many ounces in a gallon.  These questions have definitive answers and can be researched in a book, or on the web, or by asking anyone with common knowledge.  Some facts are not in public view, so knowing those could give one an advantage over those who do not know.  Like being a one eyed man in the land of the blind.

Secondly, information is power.  Info can be actions, events, happenings, trends, the past, etc.  It's different from facts because information tells a story.  It answers the WHY, not just the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN.  Why did the stock market go up?  Why did home prices go down?  Etc.

People who have information have a huge advantage over those who don't, this is widely known.

Now, those at the top, the Alphas have access to the information.  That information can be used as an advantage in almost any event, activity, organization, you name it.  Information tends to be compartmentalized.  Meaning that people at the top know everything.  Those just below in the hierarchy, know a bit less.  And those under them know even less than less.  And those at the bottom know very little or nothing.  When something happens, they have no idea what caused it, why it happened, by whom, nothing.

Those at the bottom are somewhat blind because they lack information.  Those at the top, know everything and that's how they remain on top.  It's really an easy formula.

Apply this to any organization, business, government, non profit, education system, military, intelligence communities, information is the lifeline for retaining control and order.

So, the more information one has, the better chance they are higher in the pecking order, which means better benefits, more power, more perks, etc.

People at the bottom are given vices to keep them from learning and gaining info.  Those at the top are given amazing educations and networks of influential people.

Looking at this structure, which has been in existence since the beginning of mankind, would you not agree that attaining knowledge equates to attaining power, influence, control, perks, etc.

Now we are in the information age, which means we are generating more and more data every minute of the day.  There aren't enough skilled data professionals to sift through all this data.  To look for patterns, gain insights, help the Alpha's gain competitive advantage.  So those who are skilled at working with data are being leveraged to mine the data, which translates to good careers, well paid and in demand.  And if you can work with large sets of data or if you can mash up desperate data sets or if you can give some level of prediction based on the data, you are in even more demand.  And if you can create models and statistically calculate probabilities and even better yet, interpret the results, you are in even further demand, which translates to even higher salaries and career growth.

We went through the Industrial Revolution before.  Now we've entered the Information Revolution.  Insights are everywhere.  You just need a data professional to find them.  Data is the natural resource.  Information is the final product.  The action one takes based on the information is key.

No longer can strength alone keep an Alpha in top position.  Information is the new tactic for power and control and competitive advantage.  It's just sitting there, waiting for those with the right skill set to mine and process and convert data to insight.

And so it goes~!