Sell Product or Service to Stay Afloat

In today's economy, I recommend you have a marketable product or skill to stay competitive.

Your risks:
  • Out-Sourcing (foreign competition)
  • In-Sourcing (visa workers)
  • Downsizing
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Automation of Job Function
  • Elimination of Job Function
  • New Hires with Lower Salaries
If you've been coasting for the past few years, not learning the new stuff, on autopilot, working 9-5, doing only as expected, you may have future reservations sitting on the unemployment lines, permanently.

In order to compete and stay relevant, you must have a marketable skill with current experience.

High School students, learn computers, skip college, go directly into the workforce.  You'll avoid student loans and get a jump start on the ever changing field of technology.  Start networking now while there's no pressure and hit the ground running out of school by lining up internships.

If you work in Accounting or Marketing or Human Resources or some other function, you may want to take a few classes at night, get your IT skills up to date.

I applied for a part time job once, the hiring manager said I was competing with people from Russia, Poland and China, for a part time job, nights and weekends.  The reason I got the job was because I was local, they didn't have to contend with alternate time zones.

You're free to do as you please, but just as a warning, start learning now, before you're on the bench, blasting out resume's along with the other thousands of people applying for the same job.

And so it goes~!