Prepare for Meeting

I think one of most surprising things, people spend enormous time preparing for meetings.  I never knew you could do that.

Today I had a two hour conference call working on SharePoint Dashboard placement.  Afterwords decided to head out for a bit, grab some food for a change.

Upon return, pulling into the parking lot, received a text, "Are you here?".  Replied, "Just got back".

Turns out we had a meeting in two minutes.  Got to my desk, some people were filing into our war room office space.  They handed me the chord for the projector.  Wasn't aware we were having a meeting, let alone it was my meeting.

Over ten people showed up, all were senior executives, and a graphic designer.

Hmmm.  Wonder what I should talk about.  So we dove into the data, discussed some business logic, winding through each of the five dashboards.  Around the last one, I had some concern, because that data was not part of this phase, so it shouldn't be part of the scope.  Luckily I did the ETL the other day so the data was already available.

So there's a bit of work, due next Tuesday.  Looks like I'll be working over the weekend again.  I thought the meeting went rather well, for winging it.  I guess public speaking works better when you don't have time to get nervous, especially when I found out one of the attendees was an owner of the company.

And so it goes~!