Full Time vs. Consulting

When you work in a full time position, you take for granted the amenities.

Most likely you have a desk.  A phone.  Chair.  Dedicated network connection.  Copy / fax machine.  Printer.

As a consultant, you don't get any of these things.  You go where they tell you.  Sit where they tell you.  Do what they tell you.  In the time allotted.  And fill out weekly time sheets.

A renegade hired gun brought in for a specific purpose.  Traveling across the land from company to company.  Meeting new people.  Driving to new locations.  Never a dull day.  And never the same day twice.  Always a new project on the horizon.  Chance to learn new skills.

Full time workers have stagnant jobs, day in day out, predictability.

Consultants fly by the seat of their pants.  At double the rate.

And so it goes.