#CrystalReports My First True Love

The first reporting tool I ever learned was Crystal Reports.  Version 5.  In 1996.

What a great product.  Pull data out of the database into a graphical report with little effort.

They had Crystal Reports and Crystal Info.  Crystal Info was a reporting server.  Basically had to create two versions of every report because they had differences.

The tool did a lot back then.  One thing they had were global variable to keep track of counts, and you had to reset the formulas in the group headers, so some reports were intense.

The cool thing, back when it was Seagate, they had a 1800# to call, with some pretty cool on-hold music, this services was an additional charge, but you got bumped to the front of the queue, which was a nice feature.

Whatever problem you had, they always said, "this will be corrected in the next version", especially the formatting issues when exporting to Excel.  Not sure this ever got fixed 100%.

Over the years, Crystal Reports got bought and sold.  The last time I used it, the website was a bit of a maze, tough to find your way through, for example I had to download the bits for the Server version, took a few phone calls and emails, finally got the product downloaded.

About the time they introduced Universes, I switched over to Microsoft SSRS.  I find each tool to have advantages and disadvantages.

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 So I definitely have a soft spot for Crystal Reports as it was my first true love of reporting, back when nobody else was working with data.