Business Intelligence Developers Are Hard to Find

From observations, it seems qualified Business Intelligence developers are hard to find.  Many company's have to search for talent across the country.  Which is the current trend of having a mobile workforce.  Teleconferencing, working at the client site, work anywhere.

BI has remained the same for a while now.  If you learned Data Warehousing concept 20 years ago, not much has changed.  I'm a late bloomer with Data Warehousing, although been creating reports for many years.

So why are BI developers so difficult to find?  My opinion, people don't like to think.  And BI requires thinking.  Not just programming thinking.  But working with numbers.  Reconciling reports.  Takes a lot of mental processing to crunch the numbers plus program 8 hours a day.  Today's workers prefer to not think, go on auto pilot, walk the line.  So inability to think for extended periods of time is probably the number one reason for BI shortage.

BI requires multiple skill sets.  From SQL to data modeling to ETL to Reporting to Dashboards to data quality to Cubes to meeting deadlines and deliverables and following the Project timeline and meeting with clients and executives and keeping track of time and time sheets.  So the number of skills required to perform end to end solutions is high.

More often than not, things don't go as planned.  And when that happens, there's really nobody within the organizations that can assist because they don't know exactly what you're doing.  This requires problem solving mojo.  And many people, similar to thinking, do not have the problem solving skills required to perform BI solutions.

There are a great many vendor tools available to perform Business Intelligence.  Too many to count.  So perhaps the reason BI devs are hard to find is because there's such a variety of flavor of technology that finding someone with the specific skills becomes difficult.

Another reason BI devs are hard to find is because they are in demand.  Which means they probably already have a good job so they're not interested in making a change.  They are already well paid, working with great clients and doing cool stuff.  What benefits does the hiring company offer which the devs don't already have.

Lastly, the schools have not kept up with technology.  Therefore, they are not preparing today's youth for the challenges of life by providing definable skills to succeed in the workforce.  Students are funneled through the system, tested and retested, and sent on their way after a 12 year prison sentence to fend for themselves in a tough workforce.

So I tried to document some of the reasons I believe Business Intelligence Developers are hard to find.

And there you have it.