Just Give Me the Insights Please

Everyone is jockeying for position in the Big Data space.  As there's a lot of loot to be made.  Developers are scrambling to learn as fast as possible.  Business knows they need large data but not sure why.

So let's cut to the chase.  People want insights.  Getting from raw data to insight takes resources and technology.  Yet if people could go straight to insights, they would.  Bypass the middle man.

So let's say you need insights on a particular subject.  Wouldn't it be a lot easier to go out and purchase those insights.  "Insights as a Service".

Your CEO probably isn't too technical.  Once you start blabbing about the intricacies, the costs and the risk involved with a big data project, they don't want that.  They want insights.  Results.  Which translates to how can this big data give us more sales, less costs and streamline process.

In a sense how can it bring us more money, in order to increase the stock price, so I can get a 7 figure bonus this year.

However, getting to insight will require a person to collect the data, mash it, cleanse it, work with it, to bake the insights.

And that's where the real value is at this point in time.  Personally, I plan to be one of those people who create insights.  There's a lot of value to be added and you can earn a nice living doing so.