#Hadoop Is Hot

When it comes to Hadoop, I've been trying to keep up to date for the past few years.

I attended the Cloudera 2 week training course.  Downloaded several of the VMs.

Done my own practice.  Spoke at SQL Saturdays and IT Pro Camps.

And you know what, lately I've been thinking this.

Hadoop is complicated because it's a frame work consisting of multiple technology's.

It's complicated because there's so many moving parts.

It changes frequently, what I learned a year ago is not really the latest as there are new ways to bypass Map Reduce, they're adding security and a ton of other new stuff.

Every vendor is trying to gain advantage and the competition is cut throat.

There's a lack of talent pool to assist in development and administration.

Top management doesn't really have a business case for diving into Hadoop, although they know information has it's advantages.

So I think to myself, where do we go from here.

Personally for me, I'm just getting my second wind.  I plan to get certified on the Hortonworks platform.  So that means lots of reading, doing examples, setting up clusters, learning Machine Learning, getting familiar with Java again and learning it from top to bottom.

Because of all the reasons listed above, now is the perfect time to get good at Hadoop.  Implementing Hybrid solutions, in order to leverage existing BI infrastructures, Data Warehouses and Data Marts and helping client to realize their full potential is the name of the game.  And if I can assist in that endevour, there should be enough work to last plenty of years and earn a good living.

Hadoop is hot and I'm going to put my iron in the fire and see what happens.

Things are looking up indeed~!

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