Bloom Consulting 123456

In case some of you are wondering why I haven't posted blogs in a week or two, well, I needed a break.

Work has gotten busy.  I celebrated my 8 year anniversary.  I passed 3 tests to get Microsoft MCSA certification.  I've been traveling for work a bit.  Been getting my relative situated in her nursing home.  Taking care of things around the house including painting a few rooms, car repairs and waiting for delivery people to show up.

So I logged onto the site tonight and to my amazement, especially because I believe in numbers, was the number of page views for this site, take a look:

123456.  If that isn't a magical number not sure what is.  A few months ago, my car had 111111 miles, another interesting number.  Signs to keep going, who knows.

I'm sure there are things to blog about going forward so we'll see what happens.

As always, thanks for reading~!

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