Why Program?

Programming is not easy.  Things change.  Fast.  Frequently.  Get more complex.  With limited time to learn and explore.

Not everyone is cut out to program.  It requires logical critical thinking, attention to details, the unknown, countless problems that need solving, expectations, deadlines, clients, estimates, multi tasking.

Why would anyone want to become a programmer?

Because it offers creativity, solve problems, change, freedom, create things, spontaneity, constant learning, task oriented, never the same day twice.

Working as a consultant, we spend time in front of the client a lot, and I'm comfortable presenting in front of groups at all levels.  Consultants are part sales people, part programmer, part QA, part Project Manager, part Business Analyst.

One thing that people don't like hearing is the word "no".  They want results, not complaints.  So I've learned that the customer is always right.  And I'm sure I could polish my appearance a bit more, if you've read this blog for any period of time you probably guessed that I'm a bit non conformist, in the business world, that's not a great trait to have.  Perhaps room for improvement there.

So programming offers opportunity for growth, plain and simple.  That's probably the best part about it.

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