Slow and Easy Wins the Race

Today a single vendor released 20 to 30 new products.  Tomorrow, another vendor will release more.  Last week they introduced some other ones.  How does one find time in the day to learn this stuff.  And keep their current clients happy.  And have a life.  And study for certifications.  It's damn near impossible.

So what do we do?

Basically you have to know surface level stuff on just about everything.  Then pick a few technologies that interest you, select a few top vendors and start learning.  It's like losing weight, you don't wake up one day and say today's the day I'm going to be skinny and it's supposed to happen.  Instead, you balance your meals over time, get some exercise, drink lots of water, and perhaps in a few months you may drop 10+ pounds.  It's a gradual process over time, not a one day event.  Every day try to learn something new, keep current on what your peers are talking about, what industry analysts have to say, hop on twitter and start reading.  In bite size chunks.  Don't try to devour the entire internet in one day, you'll get stomach cramps.

Bottom line, there's too much stuff to learn as new products and enhancements roll out every so often, so select your favorite topics and learn over time.  Slow and easy wins the race~!

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