I recently watch a youtube video about creativity.  The guy, a famous comedian, I don't know his name, a british guy, tried to explain what it is.  Except he couldn't.  He said based on all the research from the 1970's and 80's, they found no conclusive evidence which makes someone more creative than another.  They said IQ is not required or a determinant of creativity.  They said it's a playfulness of the intellect for a specific duration of time and space.  You enter the creative mode, there are no rules, just free association with no editor, the mind expands, ideas flow, associations are made between non linear patterns, and eventually as you wind down, you have some insight into solving your problem.  Perhaps a bolt of lightning, while you're in the shower or driving down the road, AHA! that's the answer, I wonder how I knew that.  Tapping into the Universal consciousnesses, that's how.  They found the most successful creative people have to get into the zone where an intellectual playfulness happens naturally, silly thoughts are recommended, abstract concepts the norm, there are no dumb thoughts.  They call this the "Open" mode.  Obviously it's opposite is called the "Closed" mode.  Most companies stifull creativity and are closed.  The good companies are the ones that promote creativity in an Open environment.  However, because we exist in a hierarchical society where control is dictated from above and subordinates are supposed to look busy and do what they're told, the majority of workplaces are like this, and perhaps that's why most people can't stand their jobs and go through mid life crisis because their entire lives were spent in closed mode doing something they have no passion for and their creativity is not allowed to bloom.

So there you have it, Open / Closed, creativity is available to anyone at anytime, it's a blend of intellect and playfulness and you too can be creative, without taking mushrooms or other hallucinogenics.

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