At One Time, Nobody Wanted to Work with Data

I used to be a report writer.   Back when nobody wanted to be a report writer.  What a dull boring job, working with data, they'd rather build cool visualization front ends or middle tiers that talked to a distributed DLL.

Report writers didn't get paid that much in the mid 1990's.  Only thing, I used to get calls and emails from top executives asking for reports.  Because IT couldn't fill their needs.  That's actually how I got started in IT, working for the Bank, our boss, a Senior VP, had no idea how many loans were being approved and declined by whom.  So I would collect the paper forms, enter them into the spreadsheet, tally them up, and send the report off.  For this, I didn't have to work the queue production line of incoming loans.  I now had a free form job where I got paid to work with data.

So that's how I got started, I was an officer of NationsBank, yet soon I wanted to climb the ladder, so I learned Visual Basic 5, Oracle Pl/SQL and I was known back then for my Crystal Reports skills.

And it's been a steady climb ever since.  Except what I see now is data has blossomed.  Every person out there wants to be a Data Professional which translates to a lot more competition in the workforce.

I feel my data skills are fairly good, as I've got Data skills, Programming skills, full life cycle skills, I've been playing with computers since early teens using PC Dos on the original IBM PC with 2 floppy drives and no hard drive with a 1200 baud modem, the finest model of it's kind back in 1985 and a dot matrix printer.

So with all this competition, throw in Self Service BI, where the Business is in the process of bypassing IT and hiring their own Data Professionals as well as using some of the cool new features build into many applications, I see the role of the Report Writer kind of peaking.  So for me, that is the writing on the wall to start learning some of the more complex programming out there, and that translates to Hadoop, Big Data, Neural Networks, Machine Learning and of course Data Warehousing.  Because the business hasn't found a way to automate that just yet, give it time, and the demand currently outweighs the supply, as they can't find enough talented people in the market today.

If you look back at your career, you see that each step was a rung in the ladder and a required step to get you where you are today.  Nothing is ever wasted and everything has a purpose.  I'm glad to have paid my dues in Report Writing back in the day when there were no books on Crystal Reports you had to learn it yourself and all the programmers at the time were into writing applications rather than get immersed in the data.  My journey has been an uphill climb and with each rise came a raise and the journey never really ends, I plan to continue to learn and grow and try to stay ahead of the curve in regards to technology and where things are heading.

And that's all I have to say about that subject.

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