Are You Creative?

Work must be dreadful, tiresome, based in anxiety and fear.  It must be devoid of spontaneity.  And creativity.  You must always work in such a way as to avoid error or mistake.  So that people see you as decisive.

This is the reason people hate their jobs.  And this is the majority of jobs that I see in the workforce.

Except for programming.  In this field, you get to think all day.  And while you're thinking, you're solving problems.  And in order to solve problems, you must be creative.  And to be creative, you must have a playful attitude.  With the ability to experiment and try new things without the fear of failure.  That's what I like about programming.  The ability to play in the workforce, within the confines of deadlines and client demands.

Are you creative?  Do you allow your mind to wander?  Do you play with ideas to look for better ways of thinking?  A sort of daydreaming while focusing on the problem.  With persistence.  Because sooner or later, your solution will appear to you, perhaps in the shower the next day, while walking to your car, you never know.

Can you create a space and time to allow your mind to have full reign to play and investigate and ponder and be creative?

This blog allows me the space to free form think and be creative.  As does computer programming.  An unstructured sandbox to learn and grow.

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