Why CIOs Are Delaying #Hadoop Adoption

In reality, many organizations have reporting infrastructures in complete disarray.  I think this is one of the dark secrets of the data world.  Many company's big and small have systems which are duct taped with manual processes, Access databases, Excel spreadsheets with 20+ tabs, no data goverance, no visualizations, no real time processing, no streaming.

People wonder why many CIOs steer clear from Hadoop?  There's your answer.  They would have to look at their reporting messes and be held accountable, for getting into the messes they are in.  How are they supposed to bring in a billion records to process, do machine learning, gain insights when their main data source is a cluster of Access database that reside on a shared network drive updated by someone in the accounting department.

You have to walk before you can run.  And many company's are still crawling.

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