Where is IT Heading?

Where is IT heading?

To the Cloud.  
The Cloud is essentially a remote hosted service.  They've been around for a long time.  You can host web applications, databases, Big  Data, VM's, Windows Servers, Linux Servers, there's really no limit to what you can host in the Cloud.

To Mobile devices.  
More and more people are connecting to the Internet via Remote Mobile Devices.  Many people have more than one device.  They are convenient, secure and accessible.  And with new technologies allowing Web Developers to port applications to different Operating Systems seamlessly, it's only going to grow.

To a Remote IT Workforce.  
Why pay for office space?  Why be limited to hiring IT staff from the pool of local talent?  With Cloud hosting packages, you can hire people from anywhere on the planet.  In different time zones.  For part time or contract work.  Specific projects.  Why go through the hassle of hiring full time workers that need benefits, vacations and health care.  Remote Workforce is the future of IT.  And possibly any job function for that matter.

To building business around Data.
For those who haven't yet realized, Data is the lifeblood of an organization.  And that includes any business, anywhere.  Data is collected, harnessed, to find insights to lower costs and increase sales and streamline processes.  And now with unstructured data, there's really no limit to how much data a company can collect.  As well as Public Data Sources, the sky's the limit.

So wake up to the new dawn.  IT is changing.  No longer a back office hidden from view profession.  IT is taking off into new terrain.  Hop aboard, or get left behind.

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