ETL in the Cloud?

Web application development typically occurs in an IDE. Which resides on a workstation. The code gets written, debugged and ported to a test web server, then production.
Microsoft has created a new platform by porting the Visual Studio on the web. Which integrates nicely with Team Foundation Server in the cloud. This allows joint development by remote developers. Pretty awesome.

Microsoft also has a web based version of Office which integrates with Power BI and Office365. This allows users to work with data in the Cloud, save versions and share docs. This is quite awesome.

How about ETL extract transform and load? Microsoft developers program in SQL Server Integration Services SSIS. Which resides on a workstation. What would be nice is if there was a packaged solution to allow ETL developers a web based platform to do their work as part of the Azure package.

And how about if you could call data sources in the Cloud, in SQL Server, HD Insight or on premise.

I suppose its just a hypothetic wish list. Sure would be a nice feature to add to the complete data solution ecosystem.

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