Make Time to Learn

Programmers get lazy.  They get stuck in a rut.  Doing the same technology.  And perhaps they complain they don't get to use the latest stuff.

I believe that it's the programmers responsibility to learn on their own time.  It's not your bosses job to teach you new stuff.  It's not your employers job either.  Just because you've fallen behind, there's only one person to blame, and if you don't know who that person is, go look in the mirror.

Nobody said a career in programming would be easy.  It's not like other careers where you go to school for 4 years, then enter the workforce and stop learning.  On the contrary, once you get into the workforce, that's where the learning really begins.

"but I don't have time to learn the new stuff"

"when I get home from work on Friday, I don't want to think about it until Monday morning"

"we are a #### shop and we don't use #### technology, how am I supposed to learn it?"

These are all common responses.  However, I still say it's the programmers job to keep current.

There are:
  1. many products on the market which allow you trial versions to download and learn.
  2. countless tutorials online, some free, some cost money.
  3. user groups on and offline which will gladly accept you as a new member.
  4. countless blogs on any technology, you can find them without too much effort.
  5. vendor site's which offer documentation.
  6. conferences, some local, some require travel, some free, some not.

Bottom line, you have to make the time to learn on your own time.  No sympathy for excuses.

And there you have it.

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