Hadoop Positions Increasing

I've traditionally been a data guy.  With traditional databases.  And reports.

I wasn't into SAS or SPSS.  I kind of knew of their existence.  But building models and statistical analysis wasn't part of my skill set.  They were just separate universes.

Except the worlds are colliding.  Now in order to be a data guy, you have to know traditional databases and reporting.  And Cubes and Data Warehousing.  And Hadoop.  And statistical languages like R.  You probably need to have years of programming experience with Java, Python, Ruby, .net or c.  And you have to know Architecture in addition to coding, so that means Permissions, Networking, Configuration, Change Management, etc.

That's a tough set of skills for a single person.  Yet that's what the job posters are looking for now a days.  It seems the number of Hadoop positions are increasing.  Only thing is, the salaries aren't as high as I expected, comparable to Data Architecture / Warehouse positions.

I was learning Hadoop a few years ago.  Kind of an early adopter.  I'd like to work on Hadoop integrate into current skill set.  Except jumping into a full time role where they expect you to produce hit the ground running with short deadlines and unrealistic expectations seems like a recipe for disaster.

So I'm going to be patient and wait for Hadoop to come to me.  And continue to learn it in the background.  No sense in jumping in with both feet at this point in the career.

And so it goes~!

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