Cookie Cutter Live Presentations

Stand up comedians are really funny.  I liked to listen to Steve Martin, Robin Williams, Bill Cosby from back in the 1970s.  We used to listen to the records at a friends house and laugh hysterically.  Those were the days.

The thing is, if you watch a performer, their entire stage presence is thought out well in advance.  It's rehearsed, performed multiple times, joke for joke, line for line, facial expressions and all.  There's really not much spontaneity.

What's really challenging is free form ad-libbing comedy.  Just get up there and wing it.  Now that's real humor.

Same with giving presentations to audiences.  Most people have everything outlined line for line, word for word, and they reuse the same presentation dozens of times.  I admit they are informative solid presentations and you walk away having learned something.

But the best presentations I've seen had good content, good flow, but they didn't read the Power Point word for word.  They used it as a base to talk around different subjects, interject personal experiences and preferences and dislikes.

Perhaps we have a cookie cutter approach to live performances, go with the known, don't risk the experience of being vulnerable.  Perhaps life in general.  Going through the rehearsed motions like robots, devoid of any emotions.  The audience is there to listen, but also to be engaged and participate in the experience.  And reading lines from a Power Point presentation bores the tears out of most people.  People are craving that connection.  Give them something to remember.  Something raw.

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