Competitive Markets Are Good for the Economy

The business world thrives on competition.

Well, maybe.

It seems to me that we have the illusion of competing forces.  For every distinct market there are two, three, possibly four competing brands.

Coke vs. Pepsi.
Burger King vs. McDonalds vs. Wendys vs. Arby's
Subway vs. Quiznos vs. Jimmy Johns
Bank of America vs. Chase vs. Citibank
CVS vs. Walgreens
BP vs. Shell vs. Hess

Competition fuels agile market pricing.

What if you were to look at the major stock holders of each of these corporations.  Chances are if you search back far enough, past the mutual funds, past the hedge funds, you'll see that they are primarily owned by the same people.

With the illusion of competition, it would appear to the unknowing eye that we have choices when it comes to our spending dollar.  But in reality, where ever you spend your hard earned dollars, it eventually ends up in the same pocket.

Enjoy your freedom of choice!  And your illusions~

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