What's Going on in the Data Space?

Data to information.  It's been around for a while.  So why all the hype?  Actually seems like layers upon layers of hype.  In search of the golden nuggets of insight and wisdom.  Propelled by success stories of reducing costs and increasing sales and process efficiency.

I think there should be a website where actual customers can show off their actual accomplishments of finding actual insight and what the total ROI was for their investment.  Yes, companies are using new technologies and winning, there's no question.  But selling it to everyone in hopes of finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that's fuel for the current bubble called the "Big Data Bubble".

I've posted on this subject before:

Silicon Valley Data Rush of 2014

I personally don't know many companies using Hadoop in a production environment.  And if you look at the skills sets to hire potential employees, talk about delusional, they're asking for every skill set imaginable.  Hadoop in itself is a full time job understanding the Projects, their integration, Architecture, Versions, Vendors, writing code, and then keeping up with the changes / new features added about every other day.  Then throw in multi years of Business Intelligence.  Then throw in Java object oriented coding, then Python, Ruby, Project Management, then throw in Business acumen, then throw in PhD, Statistician, Mathematician, I couldn't imagine somebody who's got all those skills.

I think the shift has already occurred, traditional reporting is passe, Big Data has got everyone's attention, but the people changing the world are into Artificial Intelligence pure and simple.  And they are creating a digital survelience society, blogged about it here:

Future Prediction of Glass House Living

You could think of it as a Digital Cage where your privacy no longer exists.  Your job will be automated perhaps.  Robots will be working along side you.  The Hybrid Homo Roboticus, new species being formed.  Like when the Cro-Magnum and Home Sapiens lived side by side, the smaller frame, nimble, adaptable species won, the other one eventually got wiped out, blog post here:

Opportunity + Threat = Change 

See my Anthropology degree finally paid off...

I'm interested in Big Data, I've got some good high level knowledge, a proof of concept and some training from Cloudera and some experimentation with Hortonworks and HDInsight, blogged about it here:

Hadoop Basics 

My father worked for IBM for 34 years, many of them in Poughkeepsie, NY.  He had friends that worked in the labs as researchers, said that were eccentric and didn't have to wear white shirts and blue suits, they made their own hours and they thought of bizarre stuff.  I've always wanted to work in a lab doing research, like a think tank.  Maybe.