Watching Intro to Artificial Intelligence Online Class

Taking an online class to learn Artificial Intelligence.

Cost = $0.00

The instructor is very good, explains complex topics in easy to understand language.

Obviously due to time restraints, I skip forward from time to time, to cover more ground.

Here's the link in case you're interested in learning also:


Lots of interesting topics.  Explained simply, they can grow in complexity fast.

Graphs, Trees, Nodes, Branches, Ancestors, Descendents, Breadth First, Depth First, Iterative Loops, Fringes, FIFO, State Space Searches, Uninformed Searches, BiDirectional Search, Cost, Efficiency, Goals,  Goal States, Algorithms, Solutions, Closed Lists, A*, IDA*, Hill Climbing, Greedy Search, Game Tree, Ply, Arcs, Brute Force Search, MiniMax Search, Heuristic MiniMax Search, Alpha Beta Pruning, Truth Table, Logic, De Morgan's Theorem,Modus Ponens, Inference, Resolution, etc.

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