Tampa BI User Group Presentation on EDW

Last night I spoke at the Microsoft SQL Business Intelligence User Group.

The topic was Intro to Enterprise Data Warehouse.

We had a good turn out of people.  Overall I think it went well.

Enterprise Data Warehouse has been around for a while.  Some have predicted it's demise.  Because of newer technology, reduction in costs and labor and time to market.

While all these are true, EDW is fully embedded in many organizations.   Business Rules are contained within it.  A lot of time and man hours were spent to build and maintain.

These company do not wish to throw out their efforts for the latest technology development.  Nor should they.

Most of the clients I work for have Data Warehouses so I plan to continue working on them.  They have already crossed the bridge of Data Governance, Repeatable Processes, Documentation, Design Patterns, as the EDW has been around for decades.

And perhaps the newer technologies can leverage some of the findings found in the EDW life cycle.

Getting back to last nights presentation, I'm sure there are people who know more about EDW than me.  However, getting up in front of an audience, explaining your topic, showing demo's, getting feedback from the audience, I recommend everyone become a speaker at some point.

It's a great experience, you get a chance to give back to the community and you can develop a brand for yourself.

I've presented close to 10 times now and I'm starting to enjoy it.

Thanks to everyone who attended.  I spoke with the Microsoft person who let us use the room, I mentioned my interest in Artificial Intelligence, she suggested I give a talk about that next, as the lines of BI, EDW, Data Scientist are beginning to blur and many people would like to know more about the growing subject.  I just might do that ~!

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