Speaking Event March 22 2014

Today I presented at the IT Pro Camp in Sarasota, Florida hosted at Kaiser University.

The topic of my discussion was originally Intro to Enterprise Data Warehouse, which I presented earlier this month at the Microsoft SQL BI User Group in Tampa.

Last night I redid my slide deck to focus on Intro to Hybrid Data Warehouse: Slides

The session started at 9am, there were a half dozen people in attendance.  The topic began with why is there a need for EDW.  And then I gave an introduction to the EDW.  Then it switched gears towards Hadoop and how it integrates with EDW to form the Hybrid Data Warehouse.

The audience participation was good, asked some good questions and seemed interested in the topic.  For somebody new to this world, the presentation may have been tool low level, so I skimmed over the slides and ad libbed mostly.

One member of the audience works for Microsoft as PFE.  We spoke afterwords and he liked the topic and had desire to learn Hadoop and saw the slide deck last night.  Said he enjoyed the presentation.

Overall pleased with the delivery this time and think having the computer in back of the classroom may have helped.  I spent most of school sitting in the back of the class going unnoticed by teachers so perhaps feel comfortable there.  Felt like I knew the topic well, now just need some on the job experience to complete the learning life cycle and then Hadoop will be second nature.  Hadoop is wide and deep, so many projects to learn and working on a real world solution would help turn high level knowledge into practical skill set.

And they gave us free thumb drive for speaking!