So who are the early adopters of #Hadoop ?

Who should be learning Hadoop?

DBAs?  They administer databases, do backups and restores, grant / deny permissions, make sure the database is up and running efficiently.  Many do not know how to write SQL.  Or .net.  Or Java.  Or Python.  So why should they be excited about learning new skills?

Programmers?  I've always been surprised how many programmers don't know SQL.  However, a programmer is concerned about front end visualization, middle tier functionality or connectivity to the database.  They must know security, networking, authentication, client side scripting, I don't see many programmers making a conscious effort to learn Hadoop.

Project Managers?  They manage projects.  They should know the basics, but don't expect them to be installing Hadoop clusters any time soon.

Business Analysts?  They understand the business and they understand technology.  They are the go between / middlemen.  Same thing, I don't see many writing PIG or HIVE scripts.  Although they may consume the data via reports.

Report Writers?  I could see some report writers dabbling in Hadoop.  They write reports against data, so why not Big Data?  Except why would they want to architect Hadoop?  Do they know ETL and how to move data through the system?  Can they program in real languages?  Maybe.  Maybe not.

Database Developers?  I see this group to be the most active in learning Hadoop.  They know data.  Probably know the business.  Maybe they can code besides SQL.  Perhaps an curiosity to stand up a cluster.

Supervisors / Managers?  They stopped coding long ago.  They are up to their ears in politics, paperwork and a mild form of babysitting.  They may not want to risk their careers in jumping head first.  Or the time.  Or the resources.  Or the capital.  Or the blessing from Execs, to get started with Hadoop.

Quality Assurance?  I find this group to be somewhat isolated, in my 20 years of coding I've worked at one or two places that had dedicated QA.  I'm sure they'll exist in Hadoop land, except they will not be the drivers.

What I'm trying to point out is who would become early adopters of Hadoop.

Because of the complexity, the number of projects contained within the ecosystem and the rapid change and most of all the number of skills required, who exactly is the main target audience for Hadoop?

And even if a group or segment had a some or most of the skills sets, even if some actually had the desire, I see many people steer clear of jumping into Hadoop for the reasons mentioned above.  And most of all, they fear change.  They are comfortable in the knowledge set.  People run from change more than heights and public speaking.  You want to scare someone, tell them they must learn all new skills, their old job is going away and then let them know how much of a learning curve is involved.  Ha!  Funny but true.

I have:
  • Database Admin experience
  • SQL experience
  • Report Writing experience
  • Database Development experience 
  • Data Warehouse experience
  • Programming experience 
  • Business Intelligence experience
  • Project Management experience
  • Supervisor experience
According to my stats, I should be an early adopter of Hadoop.  Except not everyone has a wide skill set.  So who are the early adopters of Hadoop?  What is the typical skill set?  From what pool is the skill set coming from?

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