Silicon Valley Data Rush of 2014

They say the California Gold Rush of 1849, people in America headed west in hopes of fortune.

That fueled growth: advancement in technology, transportation, new cities grew out of nowhere and oh yeah, some people got rich.

Except the people who got rich weren't necessarily the gold diggers.  Sure they made some money.  But it was the people selling the equipment, the food, the lodging that really made out.

And so, we have many Data companies selling the tools to fortune and fame.  Data Prospectors mining for Gold.  Everyone's got the fever.  "Have you found any insights, no not yet, but I know we'll find one soon.  I hear there's a patch of data up in them there hills, we're heading out at dawn, wish us luck."

A lot of prospecting going on.  But more important, a lot of data shovels and pans being sold.  All selling hopes and dreams of finding that gold of data.  And to those who strike it rich, they'll be set for life.