Selecting Technology Is Like Getting Married

Did you just blink?  If so, you missed 10 new technologies develop.  Changes to legacy systems.  Changes to current systems.  New systems being developed.  Each system integrating with other systems.  Each segment of technology splintering into 100 more.  The rate of change is getting faster.

There is absolutely no way to keep up.  Perhaps from a surface level you could catch a glimpse of things, like surveying the land from a mountain peak.  Except if you're not in the weeds on a daily basis, you're missing most of the necessary details.  And if you're in the weeds every day, you're missing out on the bigger picture.

And if you identify a niche you'd like to excel at, you better guess right.  Because if you learn the wrong technology there's downstream repercussions.  While you were busy learning the latest and greatest, the industry moved in a completely different direction.  And if you're cutting edge learning the latest stuff, chances are you next version will be easier and everyone else will be doing it.

It's tough to be cutting edge because things are changing so fast.  And after the newness wears off, everybody is doing what you just learned and probably passing you by, so where's the value of being an early adapter.

And once you invest capital, reintegrate existing applications and move forward, it's going to take a lot of effort to change direction. Once you commit to choosing a sector of technology, you've drawn your line in the sand, for better or worse, like proposing and getting married.  So analyze your options and choose wisely, because you're going to be spending a lot of time with whatever technology you choose.