No Such Thing as Private Data Anymore

No surprise to hear the company based in Seattle was in cahoots with the FBI, selling access to client emails from Hotmail.  I always thought they were sending info back to headquarters on all their operating systems, in exchange for bypassing the Monopoly status.

However, Desktop operating systems are no longer main source of mining data, so if you think to who would be the next company to sell data, think of large data sets informational storehouse companies.  And cell phone providers.  Sell data to big bro, make money, allow citizen spying, win-win (lose for citizens).

I remember in 2011 after the major catastrophe, the cab software company I was working on had to hand over their data because they were looking for clues to who was in the area at the time.

Now, there's no way to stop the powers that be from tapping our lives, recording, archiving, etc.  We live in the Total Surveillance Society now.  Get used to it.

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