Hortonworks Ambari on Sandbox 2.0 VM

Today we downloaded Hortonworks Sandbox 2.0 VM Ware:


Took about an hour to download on wireless internet.

First step is to load the VM into VM Player:

Then, set the Network Adapters:

Logged into CentOS: Username: root Password: hadoop

Hadoop Registration Form:

 First Web Page:

And now HUE the GUI web based navigation page:

A new feature Ambari, it provides a warning to bump up the memory:

Bump memory to 4096:

Enable Ambari in the web based gui:

Ambari is now started:

Login to Ambari Usernme: admin Password: admin

And we're in:

Nice visualization dashboard, if you're accustomed to command line, this is really great!  Here's screenshot of the NameNode Dashboard:

And Summary Dashboard:

And HIVE screenshot:

And new feature Security:

And High Availability:

And Users:

And Ambari Summary:

And finally Heatmaps:

This is quite awesome improvement, centralized monitoring and management of Hadoop systems.

And that should give a good look and feel of some Ambari and how you can get up and running on the VM in a short amount of time.

Now to explore the VM further...with HIVE (Stinger), PIG, SQOOP, HCatalog, WEBHDFS, OOZIE, ZooKeeper and more~!

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