Future Prediction of Glass House Living

The world is changing, in case you haven't noticed it.  Privacy is long gone.  A relic.
Technology is presently tracking your every movement.
From satellites in the sky, to your shopping habits, to your credit card transactions, to your banking history, to your credit report, tax return history, your driving patterns, your phone patterns, your cell phone activity and especially your internet history.

That's just for starters.  They are working on technology to scan brain patterns, recording them, and testing on people, so based on the test subjects brain composition, they can determine what he/she is thinking.  They can take photographs elapsed over time and based on skin coloring they can actually determine your blood pressure.  Throw in face recognition, voice recognition, they can pick up signals from your cell phone which silently send info back to the carrier, they can determine you gate of walk if you're running or still.  They can track your cell phone to specific cell towers, over time, they can predict where you'll be at a given time, with high degree of accuracy.  Holy smokes.

We are entering the Total Surveillance Society.  As you'll soon realize, your role can be deduced to two specific activities: Consumer; Worker.

You are either making money or spending money.  So what happens when technology automates your job function.  Not talking about production factory work, talking about Accounting positions, Auditors, Claims Adjusters, stuff that can be done better by algorithms, faster, higher level of accuracy, no bathroom breaks, work 24 / 7.  That may impact one's financial leverage, so if you don't have a job so you don't have a salary so you don't have disposable income, it makes your other role of consumer more challenging.

Hypothetical perhaps.  But it's probably fairly realistic.  So to summarize, computer algorithms and / or robotics can and will be used in the workforce which could impact one's ability to sustain normal standards of living.  And we are under constant microscope and our every actions are tracked and mined and archived for later use.  And the level of glass house living is only going to increase.  That's a fact.

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