From Crystal Reports to Java

I got hired as a consultant one time, to write Crystal Reports.  They placed my cube in the middle of the Call Center.  I could actually not hear myself think.  I worked on these reports for a while, knocking them out one at a time.  The manager seemed to like the progress and I continued to work on these reports.

Soon another manager within the organization found out about my reports and asked if I could assist with some of their departments work, which I did.

And then another manager had me do some work for them.  And then another.  I wrote some .net and Visual Basic apps and worked on some SQL Server stuff.

The thing was, my recruiting company had me working as a 2 month contract.  At the end of each contract, they would extend for another 2 months.  And another.  After a while, since I was recently married, I asked to go full time.  The company agreed an made an offer, a lot less than I was earning at consultant.  I asked the recruiter if they could ask for a bit more.  However, next thing I knew they implemented a hiring freeze and no new hires were allowed.  So I asked to be moved to another client.

A few months later, the prior company asked if I was still interested in working there, I said yes, this time they offered less money than before.  When I went to resign from my current contract, they offered me $20k more to work for them.  And I got an offer to work full time as a Senior Java developer for $10k more.

I went with the Java position because I always wanted to program in Java.  It seemed like a good decision at the time.  Plus it had better benefits which I needed because I was now married.

Thing is I did great work for both contracts and never stuck around to reap the rewards.

It's funny how our careers shift and turn.

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