Centralized Data Science - Selling Pre Interpreted Insights for a Fee

Data is the raw material.
Information is the final output.
Everyone is so concerned with converting Data into Information.
Because that's the hot thing right now.
And because people can see the value.
And it has a ton of media press.
Which is attracting venture capital.
In hopes of making some mega bucks.

Let's fast forward a few years.
What happens when most every company is leveraging data to information.
There will be tremendous data, tremendous information leading to tremendous insight.
At some point we'll need a way to organize this information.
Perhaps insights will be commodity.

I've got this subset of information on this particular subject.
What if I want to leverage that information as a service.
You want to know everything about the whooly mammoth, connect to an informational hub, insert your request, out comes knowledge.  You do with it what you choose.

Companies will be scouring the world, learning new things.
What will they learn?

Facts.  Opinions.  Past events.  Present events.  Future events.  History.  Subject matter experts.  Physics.  Math.  Astronomy.  Anthropology.  Comics.

I'm suggesting a collection of information providers to replace the newspapers.
Dealers of knowledge.  Dispensed electronically, consumed publicly and devoured on your terms.

A distributed knowledge center.  And your data can be certified, grade A, top quality facts.
i.e. what is the boiling point of water.  How many miles to the moon.  When was a person born, where, by whom. etc.

In order to get your knowledge certified, it must pass some organizational approval.  Perhaps a fee, 100 facts approve for $10.

Or it could be UN-certified meaning you are not getting certified facts, perhaps opinions, theories or interpretations.  "I think so and so will win the election.  Hamburgers are my favorite, although greasy.  Wine is good for you.  Cholesterol is bad for you, etc."

People can accumulate as much or little knowledge as possible.  Learn at your own rate.

Of course business could leverage this Public Knowledge base.  Purchase demographics on specific knowledge.  Why go through the effort of mining and interpreting your own data to form insight, why not purchase pre-calculated insights?  For a fee.

That way you could centralize your Data Scientist, have them do the heavy lifting on variety of data.

Kind of like a production line, here's some data, tell me everything there is to know, we'll package it and sell it.

Centralized Data Science.  Coming to a planet near you.