#AI Must Have Intuition

Will computers take over?

They sure are gaining ground.  With Machine Learning, computers can sift through data, predict your actions based on past experience.  With Neural Networks, computer models can provide future probability based on given weights and existing data.  Do we really want computers to attain the level of Humans, or even surpass us?

Have you ever called a company to ask for service.  In order to speak with the call rep, you must first answer the IVR.  The IVR is a set of voice based commands which receive input based on voice recognition or keys entered on the phone.  IVR systems are unforgiving.  If you don't pay particular attention, you may be routed to the wrong place.  Trying to navigate your way through the maze is a challenge in itself.  Because the computer can only provide certain choices and receive certain choices.  It does not think outside the box.

What is it missing?

Intuition.  Intuition is that gut feeling you get.  When you meet someone and something doesn't feel right, that's a warning to you to pay attention.  Computer's don't have this, yet.  Sure they can analyze details, but it's cold hard rational logic.  They don't have the awareness that Humans have to sense, cross reference our built in experience, knowledge and gut feelings.

I would say if an IVR system could sense your frustration, anger, if it could sense you were about to throw the phone against the wall, it could route your call faster, maybe even to the correct department.  Yet the IVR system understands the number 3 followed by the pound sign, it can understand "I want to cancel my account", it knows how many callers are before you, but it's just a freaking computer program with lines of code behind it with a voice synthesizer front end, it has no intuition.

With all the advances today, they can scan brain images to record memories.  That will catapult AI towards it's ultimate goal, but the computer needs to do more than react to input, it needs to understand, to feel and have intuition.

If our goal is simply to mimic the human brain, you better program the computer to know things like jealousy, revenge, anger, love, hatred, lust, otherwise your AI system will be severely lacking in that it won't pick up emotions and that limitation makes the computer a cold heartless piece of hardware / software with the ability to route your IVR call to the incorrect department.  I'm saying that it should know what these traits and characteristics are, I'm not saying they should be programmed to carry out these acts.

Take the characters Spock and Data on Star Trek, they are purely logical.  They can not deviate from logic.  And as we know, humans may think they are logical, but emotions drive almost every action.  If an AI system can not understand and respond to human emotions, they will be lacking.  AI must have intuition.