3 Technologies to Learn 2014

My opinion on the top 3 thing to learn for 2014:

  1. Data (hadoop)
  2. AI Machine Learning
  3. Mobile
Here's why:
  • Data isn't getting any smaller.
  • Algorithms trump human interpretation for:
    • accuracy
    • speed
    • volume
    • no down time, coffee breaks, vacation, health insurance, pensions
    • adapt over time
    • no bias
  • Seems everybody's connected to the web somehow.
  • Increase number of automated jobs.
  • Increase in lower paying jobs.
  • Baby boomers tail end of their careers.
  • New generation born into Technology world.
  • Mashing of disparate data sets.
My only question, when all the jobs have been automated, who's going to have any money to buy anything, guess we'll cross that bridge when it happens.

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